PS2 game geek humor

The Guy taught me how to play "Swing Away Golf" tonight after dinner…

Me: Your balls are glittery.
The Guy: That’s ’cause I’m hitting them perfect.
Me: *I* want glittery balls!

Incidentally, his character was a midriff-baring Southern chick with freckles and pink hair cut in a punk-rock style. Mine was some young dude who was dressed like he was 89, complete with goofy hat.

But seriously, The Guy’s got the glittery balls thing down pat. I’d have to say at least half of the nine holes we played, he had majorly glittery balls. And this is my favorite new phrase of the moment, "glittery balls," and if he ever reads this entry and we’re still a couple the next day– well– let that be testament to the coolness of He Who Is So Talented And Cool And Stuff.


Damned good point

After I read this a few months ago, I really liked it (not to mention wholeheartedly agreed with it) and have kept it in the back of my mind ever since.

I just recently read "Kitchen Confidential," and in the section where certain knives are endorsed and others are rejected, I couldn’t help but remember the above webpage. Mostly because I *like* Henckels knives, and Bourdain has something of a scorn for German knives. I’ve *used* Henckels knives and I think they’re fantastic, and the Pro-S series has received a plethora of positive reviews. But I wonder, how many people, after reading this "New York Times" bestseller, will scorn Henckels simply because of what Bourdain said, and how immensely stupid that would be. To not like a certain brand for a personal reason, that’s cool, but simply because this author or this movie said so?

And now that I think about it, it’s maybe even more stupid when the movie is the inspirational source. At least Bourdain is a professional and experienced chef. A little bit more persuasive, in my opinion, than a movie character.

The yummy update

So I’m a little more than buzzed right now, mainly because I downed two Mike’s in a short period of time, on an empty stomach, and I haven’t had anything alcoholic to drink in, like, two months. And I’m Asian. Man, I’m a cheap date.

But my USD duckies graduated today and I’m proud of them and all that jazz, and to celebrate I figured I’d finally update, as I didn’t write anything substantial on Friday or Saturday as previously promised. As I write this, I’m at some friends’ place, mooching off one of their neighbors’ wireless internet which has been affectionately named "fellatio." With that in mind, I think I can finally agree that fellatio is totally awesome.

And now that I think about it, I don’t really believe much is going on, event-wise. The biggest thing, I suppose, is that at the end of June, I am moving back to Green Valley with my parents because my grandmother’s cancer has returned and I want to be with family right now, and I’ve been stopping by the place a few times a week anyway to clean and take care of house stuff while my mother is in Honolulu taking care of *her* mother. And because I’m moving back to my parents’ place, I’m also undertaking the role of making the house a little more inhabitable, namely by proposing projects to my mother for approval, projects such as replacing a great deal of the carpeting with Pergo (or one of its cheaper alternatives). I’ve also undertaken the very overwhelming task of de-cluttering the house, a project made much easier by my mother’s lack of presence ("Don’t throw that away! I might need it five years from now!").

My cousin, my most favoritest cousin, and her now-fiance flew into town on Thursday and I got to see them that night for dinner, which was nice. I finally got to do something I’ve always wanted to do– order dessert before dinner– because it was something she wanted to do, too, so I got to have cheesecake before I had my pita bread and hummus (I think she ordered the apple cobbler). The waiter proclaimed that he’d been working at CPK for two years and he’d been a waiter since he was 17 (he looked well into his 20s), and never in all his time in the industry had he ever served a table where dessert was ordered as the appetizer. As a result, he couldn’t help but laugh every time he came to our table. My cousin’s fiance was henceforth incredibly embarassed at his two dinner companions’ eccentricities.

Thursday was also Darby O’Gill’s birthday. Yay for birthdays.

Friday was mostly unproductive. I watched "The Aviator" with The Guy that night and did not care for it. The fact that I was ready to go to sleep by the time I got to his house probably had something to do with the intensity of dislike that brewed inside me the whole while we were watching it (I found the next morning, after I’d slept a little, that I didn’t abhor it as much anymore), and while the movie had about 30 minutes of saving grace, those 30 minutes hardly justified the other 150 minutes of complete agony. And it wasn’t that I thought the acting was shoddy– I think the acting was incredible– I just didn’t like the movie. Kate Beckinsale, of course, rocked.

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing. I think the highlight was IHOP for breakfast, and their new stuffed French toast was okay but nowhere near spectacular. Actually, I take that back. The highlight was the bean dip The Guy spontaneously threw together, which we had for ~lunch with my Tostitos (mmm, salt). "While You Were Sleeping" was on TBS and we watched a little of that (I always think of that as a Christmas movie)… and if you think this paragraph is really boring, that’s because, as already stated, I did absolutely nothing that day.

And now it’s Sunday, and I’ve spent it cleaning the GV house, seeing my cousin and her fiance again, contributing corn to a barbecue, eating barbecued corn and playing poker. And tomorrow is looking beautiful because I have the day off. Nice!

Congrats again to the USD graduating class of 2005. Welcome to the professional, post-grad world! Which is not nearly as fun as college! (Though much more profitable.)

(And I would like to point out that this entry has not been spell-checked, and I think it doesn’t look half bad, for something written by a lightweight chickadee on a hefty buzz.)

Sounds delicious

The Guy: You should be in charge of creating a menu.
Me: …Oh?
The Guy: Because, think about it, with your vocabulary? I can just see it now: "Appetizer: bread thingies with cheese and… stuff."
Me: [blinks]
The Guy: "For a main course: Pasta with some tomato thingies and… ummm… stuff."
Me: Or just, "Rice and brown thingies and some other stuff."

Currently listening to:

Fans of "The Postal Service," particularly tracks such as "Brand New Colony," would appreciate "Transporters di Roboter."

Listen to their cover of "Stranger in Moscow" here.

What’s not to love about a band who uses the Mac start-up sound in a track and who openly supports Firefox in their website’s opening page?

Hmm, ew

I did a Yahoo! search on healing blisters because I wore a new pair of shews on Monday and they mutilated the tops of my feet, leaving oval blisters (I’m assuming that’s what they are) raised from the skin nearly half-an-inch and filled to the brim with… something. I refuse to pop them and I don’t really want to know, anyway.

Anyway. One of the sponsor results led me here.

And the picture on the left some ways down just made me wonder– what pervert decided it would be a really cool idea to start printing logos and crap across the back of shorts and pants and then make them, like, "SOOOO hot" that pre-teens would obviously want to get in on the fad? Because we WANT to encourage people to stare at adolescent ass. Right. As if the sadly popular Internet countdown to the Olsen twins’ 18th birthday wasn’t disgraceful enough.

But if anyone has any suggestions as to how to deal with these foot obscenities, I’d be glad to hear them.

And posting has been light lately because I’m never home because the workaholic in me is re-emerging (against my wishes) and causing me to do stupid things like be AT work at 5 a.m. and work 10-12 hour days. There’ll be a good, hefty entry tonight or tomorrow, high in carbs and fat and pumpkin-pie satisfaction.

Unless I abandon everything to go out with friends or my cousin or The Guy, who recently installed (after five months of my procrastination) a light bulb in my garage door opener thing. I KNOW! WOW! Isn’t he great? Yeah, I think so, too.

Haiku #4: [Yawn]

I need lots of sleep
Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep
That would be lovely

Working overtime,
Voluntarily, sucks ass
Damn my work ethic

Four hours of rest
Doesn’t quite cut it, you know?
Yaaaaawwwwwn, mumble mumble

Another lame joke (can you say “filler”?) and a moment in the life of a barnacle

Q: What did the hip-hop ghetto all-star art student say to her classmate, who was painting an impressive still-life of sunflowers?

A: "You Gough, girl!"


Driving home this afternoon from work, I realized as I battled the congested traffic on I-15 south that, coasting happily in the shade provided by the 18-wheeler in the neighboring lane, this must be something close to what barnacles cruising on blue whales feel like. Though in a less freeloading sense.

Foreign languages can be fun!

I find myself wishing, in moments of utter frustration, I were capable of intelligently muttering under my breath a string of curse words and insults in a different language, to direct at no one or nothing in particular. Swearing is just so much more effective when it’s relatively incomprehensible. As it stands, I currently mutter in an inane blend of Korean, Spanish, French and general Mumblese.

[Ed. note: Realized today– 5/25/05–  that some of what I assumed was Mumblese is, in fact, Hawaiian. So, yeah.]

A year in the making

It’s been a year now since I walked across that funny little stage in the Jenny Craig Pavillion at USD and received my diploma (holder), and it’s bewildering to acknowledge that so much, and yet so little, time has already passed.

Remembering everything that has happened in this past year makes me feel like one of those wandering kids in the "Family Circus" comic strip, where Billy or Jeffy or whatever their names are has made this extravagant, winding trail marked by a dotted line, when the destination was merely two steps away. I don’t feel like I’m very far, in my life, from where I was last May, though I am aware that I’m in a completely different room now, and maybe that’s all the difference that matters. Still, it took an awful lot of meandering and distractions and getting lost and such just to get here.

Family members have fluctuated with their health; my own has had its share of peaks and valleys. I got sick, and then sicker, and then a little bit better right before hitting some all-time lows, then vacillated between mildly bad and not too bad, and finally I’ve levelled out at a place I like to call "okay."

I started one career and flew through two jobs in its field, then stopped dead in my tracks and abandoned it all for a completely different path that is more satisfying to me than I could have ever imagined. I went to Gainesville, Fla. for a whole week, not really knowing anyone out there and just taking a wild chance that everything would work out (which it luckily did). I filed my own taxes for the first time in my life and am paying my own bills. I established utilities in my name and moved into a residence that is admittedly a bit much house for a small, procrastinating thing like me.

I got my navel pierced (twice) and my ears pierced (three times) as well. I bought new jewelry. I opened up to alcohol and learned that I STILL don’t like the way 90% of "anything" tastes. I turned 21. I bought curtains. I got a dog, I lost two dogs. And I’ve met an amazing number of amazing people, something I continue to do, something I hope I will always be able to do.

I broke up with a somewhat-long-standing boyfriend, came to terms with what I want, need, and deserve out of a relationship, and made notes of all the bad and negative habits previous relationships had instilled in me only to unsuccessfully fight to unlearn them. Went through four months of messy matters of the heart (and then some), got attached here and there, endured a lot of heartache, and then at last, at last, ended up with someone who has stuck by me for nearly 7 months now and who shows no signs of losing interest anytime soon. As a result, I’ve also learned to be nicer to myself and I’ve learned how to distinguish between true happiness and something that I call happiness only because I want so desperately for it to be true.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons, most of them the hard way, and I’m beginning to understand that maybe "the hard way" is the *only* way to learn such things.

Perhaps the most striking change in me, however, is the fact that I’ve finally "come into my own" as a vegetarian in that after 10 years of pastas and fruits and gummi bears, I’ve somehow, inexplicably learned to love all vegetables, from asparagus to zucchini.

From time to time, I do miss the way my life was a year ago– I miss San Diego all the time and I miss the great Mexican food that the border city had to offer. I miss my ocean and I miss 91X, and I really miss my two fantastic girlfriends of college days, both of whom are still in SoCal. I miss, sometimes, the insanity of running with the theatre crowd, and I miss all the time the abundance of theatre auditions that San Diego offered. I miss the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park, I miss the lights of Sea World over Mission Bay, I miss my frozen yogurt shops. I miss the beautiful scenery through which the freeways stretched and I miss the easy access to L.A.

But I wouldn’t take back this last year for the world three times over. And it’s crazy, but true. I like where I am, for all the struggling and madness it took to get here.

Happy Second Annual Commencement to me.