Dans quel je m’excuse

My life has of late taken a few turns that have tossed it into a state of, which for the sake of simplicity and for the desire to not have to explain or summarize or elaborate I will call, Blah. And I recently bought a weighty amount of books, so… let’s just pretend I’m going on vacation. To a land devoid of internet access. Like… Botswana. Or Boca Raton. (No, the *other* Boca Raton. The one devoid of internet access.)

But: actual signage indicates that my mother was right all along when, some years ago, she said she heard a Cheesecake Factory was going to be built in Green Valley, somewhere near the District. (I mentioned this to someone else at the time who said he wouldn’t be surprised, as there’s already a P.F. Chang’s there and apparently the two restaurants are always situated close to each other, which, when I think of all the P.F. Chang’s (P.F. Chang’ses?) or CF’s I’ve ever been to, seems to be true enough.)

And not only is a CF going to be installed in GV, but we’re getting a Whole Foods Market as well (and with Trader Joe’s right up the street)! All we need now is for Ralphs and Henry’s to leap out of SoCal (along with IKEA) and settle here, too. And then California can break away from the mainland and I’ll have my ocean back without ever having to leave this city, and with my favorite food chains in close proximity to boot.


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