Who wants to hear about what someone else dreamed last night? No one. But you’re already here, so too bad.

More list items that don’t have anything to do with each other, really, and thereby probably have no justification for being thrown together on a single list except man, nobody cares, let’s just get this on:

  1. I found out on Friday afternoon, through the relentless enthusiastic persuasion of a sort-of boss and the glory of the Internet, that I passed the certification exam I took in early February (so I can stop having disappointment-laden heart attacks every time I see a small envelope in the mail for me). These exams aren’t exactly *difficult*– but this is a field I’ve only worked in since the end of September and both times, I never had any significant hands-on experience with the subject material and I declined to sign up for the exam training sessions. That last bit worried me the most; I thought work might get a little squiffy if I ended up failing the exams and wish I hadn’t been so arrogant ("But maybe if you’d signed up for the training sessions, you would have passed!"). The other two co-workers who took the exam the same day I did have been with the co. for a couple of *years*. So– so this is a big deal for me. This is a HUGE deal for me. And because it’s kind of hard to explain (quickly) *why* this is such a big deal for me, I haven’t directly told anyone yet. Because I am really, really happy about this but as far as the normal world is concerned, it’s not like this was the EIT or the PE. So… yeah.
  2. Saw "The King of California" and "The Darjeeling Limited" last night. Was skeptical about the first one; I’d seen it in Target and the back had sounded interesting, but when I was thinking about it again last night, I was worried it would been too drama-y, too heavy on the screwy family relationships, etc. It turned out to be GREAT and actually rather hilarious. "Darjeeling" was… Wes Anderson. What more is there to say? I loved Jason Schwartzman’s desperate line: "Stop including me!!" as he maced his brothers and ran away.
  3. Am finding out, slowly, that some friends– *local* friends– actually read this thing. I’m not *shocked*– it’s not rocket science to find this (I link to it on the other sites and the last time I checked, it still comes up as the first hit in both Google and Y! if you run a search on my full name, to my great annoyance– but hey, that’s why I self-censor)– but it *was* news to me. But, like Megan, it isn’t a vanity thing. It just helps me to know, when we’re catching up, just exactly how much I need to catch them up on.
  4. I had to bail on the Dance-A-Thon this weekend because of midterm
    reviews and what-not. So I vowed to finally finish designing and coding
    these two project sites since I’ll actually be home today and tomorrow,
    right? And then I remembered that it’s coming on a year since *this*
    site’s redesign, which means this current look is about 10 months too
  5. Dreamed about two of them last night. One was moving back and the other decided to reform and stop being such a douchey asshole. Or, well, to re-reform, then. Which in real life will probably never happen, which saddens me if only because I have never been as embarrassed in my life the way I am by his behavior.

From the start of this post to right now, I managed to eat 3/4 a box of Vanilla Almond Special K. I don’t know if this says more about my cereal eating habits or my inability to pay more than five consecutive minutes of attention to writing these posts.


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