If I were a mermaid, I wouldn’t be HAVING this issue.

Also: I got out of my lab two hours early today and decided to spend the unexpected break browsing a somewhat-nearby swim shop. It was close enough that I couldn’t really justify driving there (plus, I’d have to fight for another parking spot upon returning to campus, which was even more reason to not take the car), so I decided to walk.

Except the thing is, my left foot is still a little gimpy, one of my many party favors left over from this past weekend. And I was wearing the least foot-friendly sandals I have ever purchased (I like them, but only when both of my feet are fully functional). And the sun had been beating strong for a significant amount of time by then and I was surrounded by concrete and asphalt and more concrete and rocks (and Maryland Pkwy. traffic). And I was wearing my UNLV pants (jersey cotton). AND because I didn’t even stop by my car after I got out of lab, I was still hauling around a 500-lb. textbook in my shoulder bag.

Of all the whims I’ve conjured and indulged, this was not my most brilliant one. Though I did find a suit that was super on sale (and a swim cap! with a smiley skull and crossed-swords on it!), so, yeah. Trade-offs.


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