It’s the mathiest a semester can get without actually including a math class, so needless to say I’m insanely happy

1. One of my classes this semester looks like it’s going to be 10 minutes of taking notes, 5 minutes of trying to stifle giggles, and 60 minutes of Big Eyes, twice a week.

2. I’m taking an upper-division mechanical engineering class, which means I finally get to mingle with the MechE boys. So far, the ones I’ve encountered are everything their reputation has classified them as: goofy, party-loving frat boys who are unquestionably brilliant. They make me laugh.

3. And my MechE professor says the most random things. He was warning us about the deadline for dropping the class and as an example, cautioned us: "So if you decide to go to Alaska to go hunting bears and you come back after the midterm, you will have to get my permission if you want to drop the class then." I like him. I like all my professors, actually– well. No. I’m not the hugest fan of the one who effects my 60 minutes of Big Eyes. The rest, though. I like them.


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