Potpourri ramblings from the United terminal

I have two hours to kill at LAX and all I really want is a nap. Or internet access. Or my passport. The flight to D.C. leaves out of gate 76 and there’s a flight to Melbourne leaving out of gate 77 soon. So on second thought, maybe it’s for the best that I left my passport at home.

(I also left my toothpaste and a hair dryer at home. My willingness to wash my hair is suddenly significantly lowered.)

There’s an instrumental version of “Begin the Beguine” being pumped in through the main terminal speakers and it is making me think solely of Disneyland. And something at this gate smells stale (and it isn’t me). I could do my PoliSci homework, I guess. I did all my engineering homework last night (even the assignments that aren’t due until Tuesday) and I’m pretty proud of myself for being that responsible.

Either way. We flew into LAX as the sun was setting, and I realized that I’ll be flying into IAD as the sun is rising, and I’m trying to wrap my brain around this because it doesn’t seem like the sun should be able to make it all the way around this little planet so quickly (I know that’s actually backwards, the earth is revolving and rotating around the sun, et cetera, I don’t care).

AND, I’ve started to wear stockings, which means I’ve started to invest in garter belts, and holy hell is it fun. It’s purely functional, but all the same. Garter belts! Almost as awesome as balconette bras. I’m extra looking forward to colder weather, now.


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