All these potatoes and no meat

It’s no good when it feels like you’re dating the installation guy. I was complaining to my roommate last Tuesday that it wasn’t so much I was annoyed that he never showed, I’m annoyed that he didn’t CALL to tell me he wasn’t going to show. I wasted my entire afternoon, hanging around the house, waiting for him. If he had at least called and said, hey, I’m running late, I might not make it– then I could have gone out and done errands. But no. We eventually had to reschedule for tomorrow, and the company has sworn that the tech’ll be on-the-dot this time (this is the third attempt), but I’m kind of hoping that something will happen and he won’t show up and that’ll give me an excuse to back out of this whole business. I could use a justification stronger than, "Well, I’ve changed my mind." And this company rep is just so darn clingy.


The Wife decided to tackle our big living room projects while I was gone, which means the couch has been dismantled and all of the cushions have been stacked in the kitchen. This amounts to us having a gigantic bed in our kitchen– I’m staring at it as I write this on the island– and I think the worst part about it is, I kind of like it. It reminds me of that random bed that was next to the pool in "Meet Joe Black".


And something’s up with my computer. All of a sudden, it’s having connection issues with my home network. I’ll drag it to campus tomorrow and see if it’s the Airport card or just my setup, but either way, I’m temporarily inconvenienced and massively annoyed.


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