There were going to be four but I really have to pee, so this is it

Some really mundane updates before I start cracking open the books:

1. My house now speaks to me. Literally. Well. Semi-literally. The ADT technician was here today and now I have a little box by the door to the garage that alerts me whenever a door is opened (and specifies *which* entry door in the house is being opened). Or at least it did until I turned the notifications off about half-an-hour ago. It was amusing when I was listening to the technician go in and out of the garage while I was upstairs in the kitchen; it was significantly less amusing when *I* actually went in and out of the garage and had the damn thing beeping full volume in my ear.

2. I got an e-mail over the weekend from a CivE classmate with this in the subject line: "xxx 2 girls one force-couple system xxx". It’s pretty much in a dead tie for my current most favorite phrase, with its contender being the deadpan response I got from someone in D.C. when I asked what he did for work: "I’m a pediatric gynecologist". LOVED it. (He’s actually an anaesthesiologist, for the record.)

3. I fixed the network issues I was having earlier at home, but I don’t know why they existed in the first place, so I don’t know that the "fix" was all that beneficial. On top of which, when I connected one of the other computers (which has a g-only Airport card) to the new network configuration, my laptop (which has an n-card) suddenly had a drastic reduction in network connectivity and performance. I’d read ages ago about possible issues arising when you combined an n-router with both n- and b/g-wireless cards, but I’ve *never* had any issues until Sunday night. What gives?


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