As soon as I turn out the lights, though, the facade will be ruined.

I have this theory, that if I’m asleep before the sun rises, it doesn’t count.

I don’t know what that means, either. I just know that’s the theory. It doesn’t count. Even if I fall asleep ten minutes before the sunrise and wake up ten minutes after the sky is fully lit. Doesn’t count! Or if I fall asleep at a less indecent time and wake up before the sunrise and am thus awake to watch the sun rise– that, too, doesn’t count. But if I haven’t gone to sleep yet and the sun starts to rise, then I lose. I lose and my day is sort of ruined (though it can often be salvaged if I just keep on not-sleeping until the following evening).

Last week was a difficult week and it’s been a packed and vaguely difficult (though for the most part, enjoyable) weekend and I have two midterms on Monday, so I’d really prefer to not have a crap Sunday today. But the fact of the matter is, it’s past 6 a.m. already and– no sleep. I have the blinds and curtains drawn and I’m trying to avoid making eye contact with my east-facing bedroom windows in stubborn defiance of the fact that dawn broke over that line of mountains about half-an-hour ago. And the only thought guiding me right now is that I would marry Kai Ryssdal’s voice. And/or his name. Plus, this is the time of day I love NPR the best: BBC World Service as it carries over to Morning (or Weekend) Edition.

Yeah, I’m pretty screwed.


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