One of these days, it’s gonna be *me* on top of those cabinets…

By request:

Places I have unintentionally fallen asleep in this house:

  • The bottom of the stairs on the first floor
  • The reading chair on the first floor
  • One of the cushioned chairs in the kitchen
  • The living room floor
  • The living room couch-thing
  • The mini-landing between the second and third floors
  • The third-floor hallway
  • The reading chair in my bedroom
  • My bedroom floor
  • My bathtub

Honorable mentions:

  • The kitchen island (I didn’t actually sleep here; I laid down there the first week I moved in once before there was any furniture in the house and I was tired of standing and wanted to think and unwind)
  • The kitchen, when all the couch cushions were piled against the wall
  • The grass in the backyard
  • The top of the backyard wall

Things that I do in the middle of the night instead of sleep:

  • Read, write, cook, garden, study, homework, stare at the wall, watch movies, code, draw, wash dishes, sew petticoats by hand, paint, errands (grocery stores and K-Mart: open 24/7), stare at the ceiling, go for drives to nowhere, bike, laundry, construct elaborate run-away plans, play songs and/or albums on endless repeat for hours
  • Wikipedia

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