Because you were wondering, too. You’re welcome.

"Oh, well, Lora used to work for Blackberry."
"Really? You did? Why’d you leave?"
"I just wanted something different. That old story."
"So what is Blackberry named after? Do you know?"
"Well, the thing about the blackberry is, it was an untapped product icon. Like, RIM wanted to go with a fruit that was cooler, you know? Because Canadians, they’re very progressive, and they didn’t want something old and used and lame, like oranges or pears or–"
"Or apples."
"Exactly. Blackberries are mysterious. What do you know about blackberries? Nothing! They’re probably kind of magical."
"Like that other berry? The acai berry or whatever?"
"Yes. And the blackberry was just the fruit to carry RIM into the future."


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