And I now have the complete Michael Buble discography. Heck yes!

I was pretty disappointed that I chose to not go to ALHC this weekend
after all. I’d been planning it, been looking forward to it, since the
beginning of June– but last-minute changes recently just made it too
difficult to arrange getting to and from Stamford and figuring out
rooming arrangements. The effort required to attend ALHC suddenly outweighed the benefits of going, and for the sake of sanity
(and homework and studying, which actually fall right back under that
"sanity" umbrella), it was really for the best that I stayed home.

Still. It’s been weeks since I was at a big dance
event– the last was VX, and even that was overshadowed by all the
drama that went down that weekend (which, The Wife likes to pointedly
remind me, I brought upon myself. Which is admittedly true. But it
would have happened eventually anyway, so, whatever). And it’s fall!
Connecticut in the fall would have been *gorgeous*. So while this was
the right choice, I’ve been a little mopey about it since making the
decision Tuesday night.

But then things started picking up here. The
Kelsey’s been in town since Wednesday and he’s staying with me, and
last night we went out to listen to live blues. My favorite uncle is in
town and I got to see him. I’ve been able to sleep in my own bed and
shower in my own bathroom and oh, that’s been glorious. I get to see my
favorite Aruba people tonight, and then later I’ll be hanging out at
the Palms with my favorite Vegas boys & co. My house is *clean*–
including my kitchen– and I’m about to start working on crusts for
pies and possibly a pumpkin bread pudding.

The thing, though– the thing that’s made my day?
My day, my week and possibly even my month? I found out this morning
that I’m going to Opportunity Green! This is a ridiculously huge thing
for me; I would have kicked puppies and sold dispensable organs in
order to go to this conference (okay, maybe not the kicking puppies
bit, that’s a little extreme), so the fact that I get to go? REALLY BIG
DEAL. The panelists and seminars and presentations sound fantastic; the
worst part is likely going to be having to choose between the afternoon
tracks. I mentioned it in an earlier post– sustainability is a *huge*
topic of passionate interest for me. I know I keep saying I want to
work with water, and I do– I still do– but that’s more a Las Vegas
goal. In terms of non-location-based career paths, I absolutely want to
do something involving sustainable design and working on reducing the
negative impacts of human society on the environment (ideally, while
simultaneously encouraging progress). I’ve been doing Happy Stoll
Dances! all damn day.

It’s a good Friday. It’s looking to be a great weekend. So really, I can’t regret not being at ALHC *too* much.


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