I can’t stand the word “blog”, either. I’ve accepted it, but I’ve never been able to warm to it.

I have a ramble in the making that references one of Noah Grey‘s posts, so I thought that in the meantime, I’d spend some time on why I like him so much.

  1. At least two pages, including the one for Noah’s Lark, feature an intricate leaf skeleton, where all the mesophyll has been carefully removed by insects, leaving only a delicate outline of veins. The first time I can remember seeing these– still on the tree, to boot– was when I went out east. I was fascinated enough to stop dead in my tracks upon spotting them, and once it took a great deal of urging to get me to start walking again ("Lora, it’s a leaf that some bugs ate, come on"). I just think they’re so beautiful. Maybe I’m giving the bugs too much credit– after all, they aren’t that large themselves– but it seems like they put so much time and skillful effort into keeping the leaf as intact as possible. So I like that he appears to be as taken by these leaves as I am.
  2. I am quite enamored with his About page:

    Primarily nocturnal and asocial. Mostly harmless, though may appear
    confused and helpless outside my natural habitat; if spotted in the
    wild, approach gently and bring Starbucks.

  3. His photographs are stunning and hauntingly lovely.
  4. His writing is phenomenal. His narrative style is unique in that I don’t know that I’ve come across any other writer who consistently writes in the second-person format. Third-person format is very distant and removed, like watching a play or a movie that you just happened to stumble upon; you don’t really feel involved whatsoever. First-person format has a more intimate feel to it, like the narrator is sitting right across from you and telling you, you personally, their story. But second-person format takes out the middle man altogether. Second-person format is when Whoopi Goldberg says fine, go ahead, and Patrick Swayze goes whoosh right inside of her; instead of hearing the story first-hand from the narrator, now you’re *experiencing* the narrator’s story first-hand. Like a text adventure, except without all the action input prompts inbetween.

And apparently he currently lives in San Antonio, TX. So, sorry San Antonio. If I’d known you were harboring such an exquisite manifestation of artistic talents, I probably wouldn’t have hated on you so much two weekends ago. (Still, though, to be fair: your airport was kind of sucky. Kind of.)


One thought on “I can’t stand the word “blog”, either. I’ve accepted it, but I’ve never been able to warm to it.

  1. oh, San Antonio does suck, no doubt about it. =) I’d trade my best day in SA for my worst back in Dublin, anytime.
    Not too long ago, I would’ve agreed re: the airport as well… but that was before I had long layovers in Dallas and Atlanta.

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