Yes we can.

These last five days have been a dream. Tonight closed with my heart full and overflowing with joy and relief [1] and– hope. Oh, the hope. Gone is the anxiety that’s been slowly building– drastically intensified over the last month or so– and in its place is an overwhelming calm. Finally, there’s someone who will be a harbinger of change. Finally, there’s someone who will make things better, who has already begun to make things better. I can’t even think of how long I’ve been waiting for this.

Earlier this month, I wrote how I wanted someone who could make me believe that "it’s possible to successfully navigate out of darkness without a compass or a light". Tonight, now, I have no doubt whatsoever that it’s possible. There is hope, now. There is so much to look forward to. The future is beautiful, and today is the lighthouse shining its beacon and guiding in that ship of all good things to come.

[1] Though tempered, just a bit. California, of course I love you, and I’m trying so hard not to be so upset about Prop 8 passing, and if that was the cosmic price of your handing over your 55 electoral votes to Obama then so be it, but– aw man. I– I really wish you’d voted otherwise.


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