My brain was too fried to write anything today, anyway

By request: pictures!

This is my dining room. It used to be an empty space, so G. and I would use the cleared floor area to dance. But I decided I didn’t want a dining table because it doesn’t really suit me or the purposes of this house. We have the huge island (which is the size of a large dining table anyway) and there just never seemed to be a need for anything else. The fact that it’s been almost eight easy months sans dining room furniture should have also been a clue.

The ottoman will eventually be replaced by a coffee table of sorts, whereupon it will be moved to the side wall of the kitchen for overflow/wallflower seating. I’m pretty excited. Do you know what this means? This means my transition time between cooking and NAPPING has been cut down to virtually nothing! Yes.

These are two organic sweet basil plants I picked up tonight on my way home (plus a bottle of wine for size comparison). Nothing like gigantic basil leaves to make a kitchen feel more prehistoric and dinosaur-friendly. And for the record, their names are Pete.


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