In lieu of a clarification on that last post

I’m in L.A. until tomorrow morning-ish. My productivity levels have been dropping harder than the stock market, but it’s just as well that by the time I feel motivated to better explain myself re: that ant colony video clip, the greater majority of this site traffic will have died out. In the meantime, three lacking-in-quality photos courtesy of my phone that will fail to generate much interest in any of you, but whatever, they make me happy:

This is Schroeder, the Lab/Corgi mix I hung out with last night and this morning. He’s one of the most awesome dogs ever because 1) he doesn’t bark, 2) the way his genes got divided, he has Corgi legs and Lab everything else, and 3) he lives in Sherman Oaks, and what isn’t there to love about Sherman Oaks?

"Amazing, Flexible Building Sticks". People, they are PIPE CLEANERS.

Penguins and polar bears! So that my guests will be overwhelmed with the cuteness of their shower curtain. I aim to bewilder.


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