The precursor-to-Turkey-Week wrap-up, bagel style.

Thursday. Chatsworth. Headache, kidney ache, ovary ache. Sherman Oaks, oatmeal soap, veggie pigs-in-a-blanket, chocolate, great people, awesome dog. Friday. Santa Monica, lunch meeting, solid veggie wrap. Fancy office, homework, internet nonsense. Third Street Promenade, pretty lights, RFD (hemp bread!), gelato sampling. Venice, beachfront hotel, ocean-view room. Tail-end of "300", blissful pillows and sheets. Saturday. Sleep (bed), more sleep (more bed). MTV2 "Most Expensive Cribs", home/work, more sleep. Boardwalk run/jog, unanticipated confrontation with angry hippie dude on bike. Culver City, raw smoothie. Gardena, mochi (x2). Santa Monica, sandwiches and bread and cookies. Haul ass home, arrive 15 minutes before the party I’m hosting is supposed to begin. Party: wine, cheese, chocolate, apples. People, conversation, laughter echoing off the walls. Bliss. Sunday. Sleep, dance, tennis, early dinner with relatives. Now: tea, laundry. Up next: more laundry, movies, home/work, cookie candles and bed.


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