Snooze button

It’s December, but we haven’t been having much of a winter. A lot of people think it never gets cold in the desert anyway, that it is 90+ degrees here year-round, but those are usually the same people who think everyone in Las Vegas lives in a casino. So, yeah.

It’s cold enough that every night (morning?) before I get into bed, I think about how I really ought to put on the flannel sheets, already– but not cold enough to actually prompt me to do so. And it’s cold enough that when I’m working in the kitchen at night, I’ll turn on the space heater, but only for a little while and on the lowest setting. It’s definitely not cold enough to justify turning on central heating– which is awesome in that our utility bill stays crazy low, but one of my favorite things about winter is the smell of the heater working.

But it *is* cold enough that Part II has adjusted her sleep habits accordingly, and this is another one of my favorite things about winter. During the summer (or whenever the nights start to get warm), she sleeps downstairs where it’s cooler, usually in the corner behind the television or inside one of the cabinets. But now, she sneaks into my room after I fall asleep and burrows between the four layers of comforters I sleep under, and she tucks herself into a little ball against my legs or my back. Sometimes, if I’m lying on my stomach, she’ll settle *on* my back, as though to pin me to the mattress to make sure I actually stay asleep. It’s not so much out of affection as it is utility– I’m just a heat-producing body as far as this interaction is concerned, really– but I love it all the same.


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