I think I’ve been up to some things

…like stealing other people’s post titles.

And trying out new places up here in the Bay area (Cha-Ya, a vegetarian sushi place in the Mission; Naan-N-Curry; Blue Rock Shoot; Zeitgeist, a dive bar in the City; some Thai place in San Jose that made a great mango curry; Janta, an Indian place in Palo Alto; Xanh, Vietnamese fusion; Yogurt Harmony; Scharffen-Berger) and revisiting old favorites (Ryno’s, Coupa, Cheeseboard). Oh, and cooking. We cooked tonight for his family: herb-rubbed lamb chops with a balsamic reduction served with pan-fried red pears; baby spring greens with tomatoes, avocado and crumbled goat cheese; no-flour/no-sugar black-bean brownies; and candied pecans. I just finished baking the pecans about fifteen minutes ago, and while they’re not Trader Joe’s clones, they *are* pretty damn delicious.

Also, movies. Finally saw "Bowling for Columbine", as well as "The Family Man", which wasn’t bad (I forget what the motivation was behind watching it– possibly proving to me that Nicolas Cage has had good movies other than "The Rock" and "Face/Off"), and then a few nights ago we saw "Slumdog Millionaire", which was a million times better than the first ten minutes made me fear it was going to be (I only had a vague idea of what the movie’s premise was going into it, so I didn’t have any expectations, but those first ten-or-so minutes were kind of crappy to sit through for some reason). It reminds me, more so the more I think back on it, of E.L. Konigsberg’s (ahem, Newbery-Honor-winning) book, "The View from Saturday".

And BalFest. Um. Sort of.

And– what else? I tried to go home on Wednesday, and as soon as my plane had pulled away from the gate and was about to get into the takeoff queue, our pilot got word that our flight was to be delayed by "approximately an hour-and-a-half". Ten minutes later, we learn that the delay is because: HEY! it’s snowing in Vegas. So we cruise around the tarmac for a half-hour, return to the gate so the plane can refuel, and then another half-hour later, we’re told that the flight’s been canceled. That all the flights to Vegas will be canceled. Because of snow.

(Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the skies are clear and sunny and blue.)

(Dear home: I love you, I miss you something terrible right now, but I’m pretty pissed at you. You couldn’t put off the biggest in-city snowfall Vegas has had in probably decades for three more hours? Really?)

So, yeah. I’m still here up in Oakland. Which isn’t a complaint– I like the people up here. But this stupid cold (I’m starting to wonder if it’s allergies) is still persisting and I’m tired of dealing with my stupid nose and these headaches and the fatigue and the dizziness, and I kind of just want to be back home in my own house, my own room, my own bed. I want to live out of my closet and dresser again, instead of a suitcase. But at the same time, I don’t want to leave, so– yeah, it’s a dilemma.

One more day. We’ll see.


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