The State of the Lorasaur

A female sheep (3 letters): _____
Beverage made from steeping herbs and/or leaves in hot water, typically served hot (3 letters): _____
A pirate's affirmative (3 letters): _____

Currently, I'm at least out of the "RAGING" neck of the woods. The absolute worst part has probably been being stuck on the inside of two people on a plane experiencing so much turbulence that the flight attendants weren't even allowed to be up and about, and then a half-hour later when we finally landed, having to trek five minutes in heels to find the nearest bathroom only to have it be closed off for maintenance. Yeah, that sucked.


Refrigerator Experimentation Q&A Time!

Q: How long can you keep store-bought packaged cookie dough in the refrigerator before it goes bad?
A: Not two months, apparently.


I've always liked the fact that I don't write for anyone (or for anything (read: money)) because it makes it easier to shrug off the guilt for not writing very often (or for not writing particularly interesting things) in times like these, when I'm only posting once a week, if even that, and when I do it's probably something crap (see previous).

Except now I actually do feel more pressure to write, with more frequency and quality– I was going to say, because I've been getting more traffic thanks to his sending everyone he knows in this direction (so much so that he bought an easier-to-remember domain for me– [firstname][lastname].com– and redirected it here), but really, it's not even for them. It's just him.

He likes my writing and supports my (currently dormant) writing ambitions; he claims that my writing is what initially hooked him, what made me stand out in his memory over these past two or three years even though he meets a staggering number of new people every month (every week, even). He doesn't ask me to write more, but I get the feeling that when the intervals run as long as they have been, he's wondering what's up. Or maybe I'm just projecting– *I* get antsy when *he* doesn't update after two days, which is made even more ridiculous by the fact that his updates are purely recaps of what he's been doing, so it's nothing I don't already know. Either way, it's… different, now. But maybe in a good way? We'll see.


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