Three things that made me laugh– a lot– yesterday

1. The Hubes is on Twitter in classic Hubes fashion.

2. Ramit Sethi has (had?) a rant site:

Anyone who–while hanging out with friends and paying back some money
they owe to one of them–hands it over and coyly says "This is for last
night." Is that even supposed to be funny anymore? It's been used
59,901 times since we were kids. Also, I don't think prostitutes take
IOUs. (full post)

And regarding how to find freelance work:

I avoid Elance because everybody tries to undercut everyone else (but I LOVE it when I’m hiring). By contrast, you should definitely look at Craigslist
since (1) there’s an incredible amount of buyers and (2) everyone else
is so horrible that if you can write a half-decent sentence and
restrain yourself from including a picture of your penis, you can
almost certainly get a freelance gig. (full post)

3. This update from verymystery.


2 thoughts on “Three things that made me laugh– a lot– yesterday

  1. Hella. I just hooked you up with, like, 4.7 more readers!
    P.S.: Hey everyone, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Ramit will teach you to be rich. His website domain says so.

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