One man’s unused shipping container is another man’s home

On yesterday, there was a photo of some of the "hundreds of thousands of unused [shipping] containers" that have been piling up in Hong Kong due to slow global export demands. Following the link was a comment:

Perhaps people will be living in those stacks of containers before too long.

which reminded me of some really interesting houses I'd seen on WebUrbanist last year:


which received so much attention and praise that they quickly followed it up with more:


There's also a project called "12 container house" (the page additionally contains a video tour):



as well as another project called "Container City", which describes itself as "an innovative modular system that creates affordable accommodation for a range of uses."

Containers are an extremely flexible method of construction, being both
modular in shape, extremely strong structurally and readily available.
Container Cities offer an alternative solution to traditional space
provision. They are ideal for office and workspace, live-work and
key-worker housing.



And for the DIY-minded, WebUrbanist has a post on "Buying, Designing and Building Cargo Container Homes".

Future's gonna be an interesting place.


3 thoughts on “One man’s unused shipping container is another man’s home

  1. These are good examples and aren’t the norm, but really over-the-top examples, but still very cool! Most conversions are way more modest. Some are as simple as cutting some holes into a single container and slapping on some windows and a door… and viola! You got a house. These containers are cheap too, a plus. I have my own plans cooking on building a home from one.

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