Beware the ides of March!

Which is in seven days. You've been warned. Don't be a Caesar.

Two things about my hair and then I guess I'll be back in April. It's Lent season so as a pseudo-Catholic, I'll just cover my bases and say I gave up posting for Lent. But:

1. It took two years, but I think my hair is finally back to where it used to be (the length aside).

2. I dyed my hair jet-black in the middle of January, shortly after the Hair Fiasco of 2009. I'd been dyeing it since the end of 2007, usually red-bases, then I dyed it a sort-of brown at some point in autumn of 2008, only it didn't really stay so it was still a reddish-brown-base by the time I decided to go emo-black.

And now my hair's brown. A deep, rich, dark brown, brown with plum-ish sort of undertones, but brown most definitely, brown and not black. It's not a matter of the dye fading because I don't have any signs of roots (and after two months, I should definitely have roots). It's actually a really nice color– I would willingly go out of my way to dye my hair this color, happily– but the fact that my hair turned on me and changed its color without my permission infuriates me. So I'm simultaneously perplexed and annoyed (and a little delighted, I really do like the color).

I'll be back eventually, once the dust settles a bit more 'round these here parts.


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