Headaches and worthless insomnia

    Samuel had leaned his elbows on the table and his hands covered his eyes and his forehead. "I want to think," he said. "Damn you, I want to think. I'll want to take this off alone where I can pick it apart and see. Maybe you've tumbled a world for me. And I don't know what I can build in my world's place."
    Lee said softly, "Couldn't a world be built around accepted truth? Couldn't some pains and insanities be rooted out if the causes were known?"
    "I don't know, damn you. You've disturbed my pretty universe. You've taken a contentious game and made an answer of it. Let me alone– let me think! Your damned bitch is having pups in my brain already…"

    ("East of Eden", John Steinbeck)

What are you passionate about? To what lengths would you go in order to achieve what you believe in? What would you sacrifice? Would you be willing to give up your life? The life of another? The lives of hundreds, thousands– billions? What are you passionate about, and why? Really think about it: why? Why does it matter? Why does it matter to you, and why should it matter to others?

TheNoah says we don't have to have reasons for everything, that we can be passionate about and love things without a specific why… but I don't know. When the means to your end involve the extinction of an entire species, it seems to me you'd better have a damned good explanation ready to back up your stance.


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