Insufficient data for meaningful answer, so here are some pictures instead

5 megapixels, RIM. That's all I'm asking. Samsung's already working on *12*, and they've already released an 8 with HD video recording. Blah blah best at e-mail blah enterprise service blah. I'm just saying. Sometimes we like to snap pictures while we do our e-mail kung-fu, and sometimes we like to share those pictures with the Internet, and sometimes the Internet appreciates it when said pictures don't look all washed-out and sub-standard.

From front to back: barren inhospitable desert landscape, a city of enough money to make Solomon blush, gorgeous mountains of Ye Olde Underwater Times, and snow. I love this city so fucking much.

The left eye is a freckle, and the rest was drawn in by TheNoah. I spent the rest of that night staring at my palm like an idiot and smiling like an even bigger idiot.

I took this picture to prove a point and win a bet. The product is not a "cup o' noodles"; the product is noodles. What kind of noodles? CUP noodles, that's what kind. Cup Noodles, friends. Unless you're in Japan, in which case it's Cup Noodle.

V. Sattui, Napa Valley. Yep, that's a bottle of Freixenet Nevada Brut inside a Trader Joe's bread bag. Because we are classy, classy people. Almost as classy as Lady GaGa, but not quite. One can only dream.


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