I don’t drink coffee, so I need to waste my money on *something*. I guess.

Three posts in the last year. Awesome.

I've been writing a little, elsewhere, here-and-there-abouts. Nothing particularly noteworthy. Some long pieces are due and on their way to being in-the-works, but I don't know if I'll piecemeal them out for Posterous or just slap them up here. I suppose that's a hurdle to consider when I actually have something to potentially piecemeal, though.

There's a tiny writing project that *is* in progress, though I'll need to do it consistently for two weeks before I'll take it more seriously. I recently had a modern-day Hemingway sweep into my life (truth: the more we interact, the more I suspect he's actually a modern-day Steinbeck, or maybe just the love child between the two) and it's inspired me to re-negotiate my relationship with the written word. Or rather, my relationship with the writing of words. I get along just fine with the consumption of written words.

I hope you're well, friends, strangers, comrades.


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