Progression: Umm….

I’ve been editing the template tags and the CSS over at Oceanic South, but it’s still quite some ways away from being ready to take over this Typepad account. Of course, I’ve got less than two weeks left before I’ll have to renew Typepade, which I can’t justify doing anymore, so either this weekend or next, I’ll be kicking my butt into gear.

These are the Big Plans for O.S, the daily journaling aside:

–Devoted integration of CSS
–"The Kitchen," which will be a daughter site to O.S and will hold my collection of tried-and-true recipes
–A projects page for… well… projects
–A photo page. I might start participating in Photo Friday.
–More stuff
–Other more stuff

And that’s about all I’ve got. It’s Friday, which means two whole glorious days in which I get to, amongst other things, dread Monday! Oh, you college people have no idea how easy you’ve got it right now.